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Shoe storage by MYCS

Designing the right shoe storage

Don’t scrimp on space when it comes to a shoe cupboard—shoes seem to have a way of multiplying, so having the room to tuck them away will reduce a lot of unnecessary clutter.
It’s important to think bigger when it comes to shoe storage. Are two levels enough? If you're asking yourself that question: you'd better get three! With a compartment height of 17cm, our shoe storage is compact enough to opt for more shelves. If you need space for taller shoes, our shoe storage can also be designed with 36cm high shelves—even better, combine different heights for more options.
As well as dimensions, think about where your shoe storage is going to live. Depending on the room, you might need to adjust size and colour so its a good fit for the space. At MYCS, you can design your furniture to be individual pieces that reflect your personal style—so your shoe storage can blend into your decor as an aesthetic complement to any room, instead of simply being a piece of hall furniture.

How can I personalise my shoe storage?

Who says that shoe storage has to stand on the floor? Level up your shoe cupboard by wall-mounting it so your shoes are extra accessible. You can also combine your shoe storage and clothes storage by integrating shoe pull-outs into our large wardrobes. You can easily store three pairs of shoes per shelf with a width of 73cm in heights of 17cm or 36cm.
To protect your shoes from damage, integrate doors into your design. A shoe cabinet like this protects your shoes from not only sunlight, but also from dust. Tip: Try out doors of different colours in our configurator for a combination that pops!

What’s so special about MYCS shoe storage?

It's simple: you. Because you design your own shoe storage at MYCS, you get to choose the number and height of the compartments, as well as the dimensions and whether or where you want doors. Not to mention the nearly endless colour combinations; choose a different colour for each compartment, if that’s your whim. Add drawers to store accessories or the bits and pieces that are needed for shoe care.
Add feet to your shoe cupboard to individualise it and give it a bit of extra height. For a minimalist aesthetic, the round wooden NORDYC feet or discreet 6cm LYFT feet are a great choice. If you like a modern appeal, then we have metal feet in a variety of styles and finishes. Should you need your shoe furniture to be mobile, add SPYN casters.
MYCS shoe storage has a clean and sleek design. Make it extra minimalist by skipping handles with our push-to-open mechanism. If you want a more classic look with handles, we also offer doors with a soft-close function.

Question 4 : Which services does MYCS offer?

We’re on hand to help with any shoe storage questions you have along the way. You can reach us online by writing us an email, or simply give us a call to speak to an expert. We also give you basic advice on furnishing issues and tips for cleaning and care. You can find help on our website for setting up and assembling your MYCS furniture.
We will also deliver your new, unique MYCS shoe storage to your home. And if you want, we can build it for you with our assembly service.
Now you know enough to get started and to design your individual MYCS shoe storage. Click here to get creative with ur configurator.