Your three-seater-sofa

Extra much space for family and friends
3 seater sofa FLAYR grey and purple by MYCS detail
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Three-seater sofas: for family and friends

Why get a three-seater sofa?

Triple the comfort! A classic three-seater seats—you guessed it—three people comfortably. A three-seater sofa is ideal if you’re a small family of up to three, or if you want enough space for you plus guests. To comfortably seat three people, a three-seater sofa should be around 240 cm wide. This gives each person a seat of 80 cm, which gives everyone enough wiggle room. Our three-seater is also available as a corner sofa. This allows you to make the most of your space and fill every nook and cranny with comfort. Our three-seater sofas can be designed to be the comfort your home needs.

What makes a MYCS three-seater sofa different?

The special thing about furniture from MYCS is that it can be designed by you. The dimensions, shape, material, fabric, and colour of your three-seater sofa are entirely your choice. In this way, you not only create a three-seater that corresponds exactly to your style, but is just as individual as you. Let your creativity take the lead by combining materials such as velvet and leather and play with colour, or opt for a more classic design. Be inspired by our predesigned three-seater sofas, and discover the diverse shapes and designs that are possible.