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Shelves by MYCS: modularity for any space

What do I need to keep in mind when buying a shelf?

Shelves are the perfect storage solution that double as a display unit, and they are just as versatile as your storage needs are varied. If you’re looking for a way to store your library, our shelving systems can be designed in a variety of combinations to create the perfect bookcase for your home. You can customise our shelves in a variety of fun colourways to create cheerful children’s shelves. For your home office, filing shelves in our range of calming colours will help to create an ideal working environment. For CD and DVD shelves, choose our tall, narrow shelving systems with small sections that are perfect for keeping your collection accessible and organised.
Our tips for designing the perfect shelving system—consider: What do you want to use it for? How big do the individual sections need to be? Do you have enough space to assemble it? How strong does it need to be? Are there any features in your space that you need to account for? For example, stepped shelves are a great way to optimise space under a slanted roof.

What makes a shelf from MYCS so special?

Our shelving units are available in sizes of up to 498cm wide and 354cm tall. This means that you could create floor-to-ceiling shelves, even if your rooms have high ceilings. And there’s no need to worry about stability with MYCS shelves: each individual shelf board can bear a weight of up to 60kg if you add strengtheners. For bookshelves, for example, this amounts to between 8 to 16 books per shelf board. To make them extra secure, our open shelves are also fixed to the wall.

Now it is your turn!

To give your low shelves even more personality (and height), pick your favourite shelf feet from our selection of wooden, Scandinavian, mid-century, metal, or wheeled options, available in a wide variety of colours.